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See your design in its final fabric, in both first and pre-production samples. Comment and alter samples until your garment is ready for a production run.

Our sample studio provides a key service to London’s garment making industry. This is your first chance to see your creation in its finished state, using the real materials that will make up the clothes in their production run. Samples are done in two stages–the first sample and the final sample.

Our sample makers create a first sample from the fabric or fabrics specifies in the design for the finished article. They sew from the pattern we have created, or a pattern you provide. At this stage, we will be able to pinpoint and correct final problems with the design, before it goes into full production. Whether your production is a single, one-off dress or a whole line, sampling is vital. It enables you to identify problems with fabric, fit, cut, silhouette and sizing once the mocked-up toile is translated into the real thing.

Sampling differs from toiling and fitting. The toile is created from an inexpensive fabric like calico, and is intended as a first look at the likely fit and silhouette of your clothing. In a sample, you’ll be able to see how the real fabric reacts to the pattern, and make final adjustments before sending the design on to production. By this stage, most of problems with a design will have been ironed out. But no fabric, not even the calico we use to make the toiles, is able to precisely replicate the behaviour of the materials you have chosen for the final design. So it is here that you will identify issues that may affect the manufacture of production runs, and the appearance of the finished garment on the wearer.

Sewing holds no secrets from us. We have made samples for some of the biggest-name designers in the world. Our sample studio in London has delivered work for Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham, Jonathan Saunders and Holy Fulton, among others. We routinely work with large agencies, who engage us to work for designers in both couture and luxury items.

Our sampling service is suitable for any client, from the highest of the high end to a student or private individual looking for a one-off sample for their show or occasion garment. We offer the same high standards of service to every client we work with, and our prices are affordable. No design is too outlandish or too intricate for us to make, and no commission is too small. We love what we do, and our customers love the results of working with us.

Here at Studio 100, we create both first and final samples. After the first sample, final comments and alterations are made. We then create your final sample, known as a pre-production sample, which is signed off before entering the production run. If you have further comments and alterations at the pre-production sample stage, we can implement them to create a further pre-production sample.

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Studio 100 is the culmination of a dream. For 19 years, founder Irena worked and learned in every area of the garment making industry. She has worked with every type of material and equipment, and in every kind of facili …


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