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Toiling and fitting

Your first chance to see your design as a fitted garment. We create full or half toiles from inexpensive calico to check the silhouette, fit and size.

A ‘toile’ is the fashion manufacturer’s term for a dummy garment, created from fabric that is inexpensive, but of a similar weight to the cloth that will be used in the finished item. A toile is created either as a full or half garment, and is used to check the fit, fall, construction, silhouette and finish of your piece.

Toiling and fitting is the process by which your garment is refined, using the toile, before we create the first sample. A toilediffers from a sample–samples are created from the actual fabric specified in the design, and are the final stage in bringing your garment to life. When the sample is created and adjusted, your production run is ready to begin. When a toile is created and adjusted, you are ready to create the sample.

The calico toile is the first time you will see your design ‘in the flesh’, created in the shape and size specified by the original drawings and patterns. It’s a valuable opportunity to fine-tune or alter the design, correcting any errors in the fit and silhouette of the piece.

During the toiling process, first comments are made. These are your chance to make alterations to the pattern of your garment prior to using the real, more expensive fabrics in the sample. In a toile, you will see your design the real world for the first time, and begin to mould it so it achieves the appearance in the flesh that you have in your mind.

We offer toiling and fitting for any commission, whether it’s a one-off production for a fashion show or private client, or a garment destined for a production run. We offer a free first fitting, and free calico fabric for your toile. Please supply a model for your fitting, who is representative of the target size for your design. This allows our toilers and fitters to see how your garment design will fall on the body of the person for whom it is intended.

You can book out toiling and fitting service as a standalone project, or incorporate it into the run of a complete garment making booking. Studio 100 offers a comprehensive service to designers, students, private clients and clothing manufacturers. We deliver every stage of the pre-production and production process, from first pattern cutting and alteration to final samples and the production run itself.

Having problems with your pattern cutting, fabric cutting or toiling? We can step in at any stage of your process, to offer advice and correction. Working together, we’ll make sure your design leaves the page perfectly.

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